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About Us

Mission Statement

MMO, founded on Christian principles, is an organization that supplies food, clothing, furniture, household items, books and haircuts to all people regardless of origin, race, color, gender or sexual orientation.

MMO supplies all of these services at no charge, in a manner which protects and upholds the dignity of individuals and encourages them to improve their quality of life through their own actions.

MMO is a Bartlesville outreach agency that provides food, clothing, furniture and other items to those who need them most at no charge.


Our outreach programs fall into three main categories: Food, Clothing & Household, and Crisis Response. Special programs under these categories include our Community Garden, our Back-To-School children's clothing program, and our new MMO 2 Go program that targets working families.

In addition to reaching out directly to the needy in our community, we serve as a Regional Charity Food and Clothing Distribution Center; distributing donated food and other resources to other local outreach agencies.




Mary Martha Outreach, named for the two sisters in the Bible, was founded in October of 1998 as a critical needs organization. In 2004, MMO began its partnership with the Wal-Mart Food Distribution Center and in 2005, we joined the United Way. We paid off the loan on our 55,000 square foot building in January, 2008.

Read our full history.


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