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Adopt a Buffalo

Why adopt an MMO Buffalo? Well, they're easy to house train, they don't make a lot of noise, and they are great conversation starters! Plus, you will be helping MMO provide so many needed services to deserving people in Northeastern Oklahoma and Southeastern Kansas.

The adoption fee is $5000 for an adult buffalo, or $2500 for a baby buffalo. The fee includes:

  • One buffalo (okay, technically it's a bison but don't tell anyone)
  • $500 for the artist (they deserve it… you try getting a buffalo to stand still long enough to paint!)
  • $250 for paint supplies
  • Clear coat for the finished buffalo (Provided by Jesse's Auto Body)
  • Transportation for the buffalo (to the artist, to the Jesse's Auto Body, to his new home)
  • Final set up at purchaser's chosen location

The purchaser may choose their own artist or MMO can suggest one. The purchaser will collaborate with the artist on a design. The purchaser will check with the city of Bartlesville to secure site approval.

Contact us today to get started!

Adoptable buffalo from mary Martha Outreach

Collage of some of the painted buffalo in the Buffalo Stampede

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