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Crisis Response Program

Our Crisis Response program provides help for people who have emergency needs. We provide furniture, appliances and other household items to: 

  • disaster victims,
  • victims of domestic violence,
  • families in need because of an injury, illness, job loss or other financial crisis.

We also provide diapers and haircuts to anyone who needs them.

MMO can provide you with furniture, appliances and household items when you need them most.

Depending on individual needs, we provide furniture, appliances, bedding, toiletries, diapers, dishes, and other household items. Crisis clients who live in our five-state area will be provided with an MMO ID Card and may visit our Clothing Center and Food Pantry as well.

How to Get Crisis Help

We try to help everyone in need, but disaster and domestic abuse victims are given first priority. We accept referrals from Red Cross, Salvation Army, FCC, churches, the Fire Department, and other agencies. If you need help and you don't have a referral, come visit us and we will help if we can.

Non-Emergency Crisis Services

If you need Diapers or a Haircut, come on in. These services fall under our Crisis program, but you don't need a referral to participate. Our diaper room is open Monday, 9-11 a.m. and Thursday, 12-2 p.m. Haircuts are available at our Salon on Thursdays, 12-2 p.m.

If you don't have an MMO ID Card, please bring proof of residence and income with you on your first visit. (You can read more about getting an MMO ID Card on our Get Help page).

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