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MMO, incorporated in the state of Oklahoma, is a tax exempt non-profit 501c3 organization located at 1845 SW 4th Street in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Named for the two sisters in the Bible, MMO was co-founded by Jamie and Ovia Wood, Mary Hudson and Cliff and Trudy Sousa.

The overall mission of MMO can be summarized as follows: to provide free clothing, commodity food, furniture, household goods, shoes, books and haircuts to underprivileged needy people in northeast Oklahoma and southern Kansas. MMO is in its 19th year of operation.

MMO is the largest charity for food and clothing donations in northeast Oklahoma and southern Kansas, impacting 85,600 people.

MMO History 1998 graphic

Year One

MMO starts out in a rented room in the Washington School Building owned by Restoring Lives Ministries. There are 161 volunteers and two full time employees and one part-time employee.

MMO History 1999 graphic

Year Two

Early in 1999, food service is expanded by opening a food pantry and distributing food products purchased through the Tulsa Community Food Bank to authorized underprivileged families. Later this year, as a result of space constraints, MMO moves to a 24,000 sq. ft. building on 8th Street.

MMO History 2000 - 2003 graphic

Years Three Through Five

During these three years, the distribution of our services expands rapidly. MMO assumes the distribution of clothing, furniture and household goods for other agencies. Family and Children Services clients needing to move out of the shelter and burnout victims are given priority.

MMO History 2004 graphic

Year Six

In 2004, MMO contracts with UW of Bentonville for paper items, dishes, pots and pans, cosmetics, etc. MMO travels weekly to Bentonville to pick up these items.

MMO History 2005 graphic

Year Seven

Early in 2005, MMO purchases a 55,000 sq. ft warehouse facility located at 1845 S.W. 4th. The facility’s purchase is secured by a loan from five banking institutions in Bartlesville. The cost of loan is made possible by ConocoPhillips and The Lyon Foundation. MMO becomes a United Way member agency.

In May of 2005, MMO partners with Wal-Mart Food Distribution Center #7015 to receive donated food. This food is distributed between our pantry programs and 53 other agencies in the counties we serve. In 2005, WFDC and their vendors share 721,000 lbs of frozen and perishable food products. These 53 agencies are mainly groups that serve senior citizens and youth groups that do onsite meals.

MMO History 2006 graphic

Year Eight

From 1999 to April 2006, it was been the policy that a family could receive pantry food once a month (12 times a year). On of May 1, 2006, in an aggressive move, MMO begins to offer food to a family weekly. (50 times a year). A family must still provide proof of residency and proof of income.

In 2006,  MMO opens a sundry shop for families to receive monthly sundries including soap, shampoo, razors, tooth brushes, and toothpaste etc.

MMO provides 1000 sq. ft of space to Agape for them to pack their Food 4 Kids Sake lunches.

MMO History 2007 graphic

Year Nine

In 2007, MMO starts the garden project with the aid of a master gardener volunteer. It furnishes vegetables for client participation and the surplus supplies the MMO pantry.

MMO has two full-time employees and two part-time employees and has become a regional food and clothing distribution center. 180 volunteers serve the 26 teams that make up the MMO organization.

MMO History 2008 graphic

Year Ten

Girls Scout Troop decides to do the buffaloes as their gold project with MMO as the recipient of the raised monies. After that year and the completion of the Scouts project, MMO picks up the project as a fund-raiser.

MMO History 2009 graphic

Year Eleven

MMO has two full-time employees and four part time employees. There are 129 volunteers that make up 26 teams.

MMO begin the SHAMROCK THE VILLE 5K race on St. Patrick’s Day as an annual fundraiser.

MMO History 2010 graphic

Year Twelve

MMO pays off the $1.5 million dollar facility. MMO2GO is started as a program to help the “Working Poor.” Since we are open while they are at work, we deliver products to the work place. We strive to go the extra mile to reward the people who choose to work.

MMO History 2011 graphic

Year Thirteen

MMO has 96 volunteers that make up the consolidated 15 teams. There are two full-time employees and four part time employees. After 13 years, the executive director/co founder still is not paid.

Budget for 2014 was $399,000.

History of Mary Martha Outreach.

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