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Food Distribution

As an outreach center, we do our best help our clients who need food, clothing and crisis help. However, we recognize that there are needy families and individuals who have other needs or who are unable to come to us. We have developed and nurtured strong relationships with other aid agencies in our area, and we work alongside them to help them serve their clients.

Sharing Resources

MMO is now a Regional Charity Food & Clothing Distribution Center. We receive donations of food and household items from many sources, and we distribute them to other aid agencies in our five-county area. We currently have 53 agencies in our distribution list, and we give priority to agencies with on-site feeding programs who serve youth and elder citizens.

Click here to view some of the agencies on our distribution list.

Where do the Resources Come From?

Walmart Food Distribution Center

In 2015, we received 2,212,389 pounds of food from the Walmart Food Distribution Center. About 40% of the food we receive from the WFDC is distributed through our pantry. The MMO Food Distribution part of our program was developed to distribute the excess. When we receive a shipment, we send an email to the 53 qualifying agencies in our database. Much of the food is perishable and must be distributed quickly.

Walmart Return Center

We travel to Bentonville, Arkansas three times every month to pick up diapers and household items that are donated to the United Way of Bentonville by the Walmart Return Center. Some of these items are given to clients who come to us for Crisis Help, and some of them we give to local agencies, including Birthright, Concern and Family Care services. Household items are also distributed to local minimum wage workers through our MMO 2 Go Program.

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